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Agents wearing The EYEKON Series® “OPERATION BOO” On Duty Long Sleeve Tee by HDG★ Tactical – 2013

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is implementing the 21st Annual “Operation Boo.” Operation Boo helps protect children from sexual predators during Halloween and its new educational component helps parents and teachers show kids how to stay away from potential sexual predators year round.

On Halloween night, CDCR’s Special GPS Units and Parole Agents and their local law enforcement partners will do the traditional compliance checks on known sex offenders to make sure they’re staying away from trick-or-treaters and otherwise following their special orders. We’ll also have special transient sex-offender curfew centers set up where they are most needed. And this year Operation Boo once again features a Parent’s Guide to help families know if sex-offenders live in their areas and make kids aware of the dangers of abuse in a non-threatening way.